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PAT Testing

Every Year your company is meant to provide a service for your tools and equipment so that they are kept in good standard and in good and safe working order. There are a number of ways you can do this but the easiest and cheapest is what use to be known as PAT testing, (Portable Appliance Testing) now known by the name (In-service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment).


Each appliance goes under a certain type of test which determines if the appliance is suitable for use or not. If the item is found to be faulty it would be taken out of working order straight away, this means your insurance company wouldn't have anything to moan about if someone gets hurt.


Our Engineers are all Qualified to carry out testing via the CITY and GUILDS Qualification. Regardless of what you may have heard on the great vine you do need to be qualified to do this now.

Giving Appliances Another Chance


* Repairs are £4.50 per item, this cost excludes parts.


** £650 is the rate for Night PAT testing, hours are 6pm - 7am, Charge is for full night no matter how many items.


*** Contract Cover is offered to Commercial and Industrial Businesses. All applicants for contract cover will under go a credit search and required to sign a contract along with two months cover up front.


**** After test recall is once the business has been tested and you have items that were not tested on the day that need to be tested.