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Intelligent Lighting Systems

Ilight Systems are a new way of Creating a Wonderfull 100% Tailor made lighting system. With an Ilight system you can do brilliant things like turning all your lights in the house, garden and garage off just by one button.


It works by every lighting circuit being on a single cable running back to a special mains board and using clever ICT signals to link all the switches together. If you want to wake up in the morning, turn your bedroom light on about 50%, walk into your Ensuite bathroom and have the lights on about 70% go into the hallway  and down the stairs with those lights about 80% then the kitchen lights on about 90% and go to full fade in a matter of minutes or seconds, then no problem. That is what we mean by 100% Personal Touch. Nearly all Sequence of events can be programmed into these switches, and there are a large number of switches to choose from.


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Why Not Use A Touch Screen Or Remote

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