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Home Cinema

These days the thought of going into a crowded room with loads of strangers,  watching a film with them being noisy and disruptive no longer appeals to many people... So why not go that little step further and spend that little bit more on a home Cinema System.


If you mix a Home cinema system with a Pronto Touch Screen Remote control system the sky is your limit, Sky HD, Bose Surround Sound, you will feel like your in the film!


Questions and Answers..


Q - What sort of system should i have?

Supplying And Installing The Future

A - This All Depends on Budget and room size. LED TVs are the new way to lighten up a room, but you also have HD Projectors, Plasma Screen TVS or LCD TVs. Call us if you would like more information.

Q - Is a home cinema system expensive?

A - The Short answer is no, it doesn't have to be. The price of the system depends on what you want included and what you want it to do.

Q - Can i join the sound system up around the house in different rooms?

A - Yes, Using a special system we can get music in all of your rooms, including the outside. If you want you can have different music in every room, or join all rooms together when you have a party. Click on Audio Systems for more Details.

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