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Commercial Services

Providing more than just a building

Solaris Electrical Services offers a varied range of Electrical Solutions for your commercial building. To help create a perfect work environment for you and your staff, we understand that every effort that goes into your building helps your business survive, because of this we offer a different sort of service. If you want help picking the right lights, fittings, trunking, wiring system... Solaris Electrical can send a Consultant to your new building and they can provide you with all the information that you will need.


Services For Commercial Buildings:


- Consultancy Service

- Three Phase Rewires

- Electrical Safety Inspections

- New Fittings and Fixtures

- Alterations to Existing Systems

- High Strength Security Gates

- High Strength Security Barrier

- External Flood Lighting

- Emergency Lighting Test

- Emergency Lighting Alterations


Please Email or Call if the Service you require is not listed