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Audio Systems

The reason people have sound systems is because they want to hear a good film or a favourite tune that little bit louder,


Or maybe it is because they want to hear the film in a little bit more depth than what the TV speakers can give.


Solaris Electrical Services can supply and install you with your ideal discrete audio system that will enable you to enjoy any film and any song.

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Helping You  Hear What You Want Too.

Solaris Electrical Systems can supply and install intelligent audio systems.


The main system that Solaris electrical Services use is by a company called Sonos, they make a varied range of solutions that will fit into any home and most budgets.


With the Sonos system every room can have a different radio station, music from your ipod or CD player, computer and even your TV.


When you have a party you can select all the rooms from your controller and then re distribute your same piece of music to every room in the house. This sytem is great for social people or people that love music,